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    Black Liquid Eyeliner | Free Flow Eyeliner


      Black Liquid Eyeliner Elevate your eye makeup game with the MARS Free Flow Black Liquid Eyeliner. This remarkable eyeliner features a long-lasting formula that glides on easily and leaves a smooth, flawless finish. Customize your liner to match your unique style, whether you prefer subtle and thin lines or bold and dramatic wings. The…

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    Dense Mascara | Incolor


    Dense Mascara has a unique waterproof formula that plumps lashes, One by one, Giving your eyelashes super dramatic volume. Apply a single coat and you’ll see your lashes transform.


    • Waterproof Mascarsa
    • Organic Mascara
    • Formulation: Liquid
    • Black Color
    Store:  Incolor Shop
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    Eyeliner with Stamp


    Eyeliner with Stamp   Introducing the revolutionary MARS Eyeliner with Stamp, the ultimate solution for achieving flawless eye makeup. Our innovative formula combines quick-drying, long-lasting, and smudge-free properties to ensure that your eyeliner stays intact throughout the day. Say goodbye to those frustrating smudges and hello to perfectly defined eyes. The key features of our…

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    Hi-Tech Eyeliner Black (6 Ml) | Incolor


    An ultra-precise liquid eyeliner with a super-fine-tipped applicator. This long-wearing, highly pigmented eyeliner comes with an ultra-fine bristle brush that helps you achieve various eye liner looks easily. The rich black formula of Incolor Hitech liner is perfect for creating dramatic eye looks right from cat-eyes to bold, defined looks.

    Store:  Incolor Shop
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    INCOLOR Intense Eyeliner Black 6ml


    The Intense Eyeliner by Incolor is an ultra-precise liquid eyeliner with a super-fine-tipped applicator. This richly pigmented eyeliner comes with an ultra-fine bristle brush, So that you can create any look that you desire, Whether dramatic, Attention-demanding or subtle. This eyeliner is perfect for those who like to let their eyes do all the talking.

    Store:  Incolor Shop
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    Maxi Pen Eyeliner | Incolor Best Pen Eyeliner


    Incolor Maxi Pen Eyeliner defines and lines your eyes beautifully and is the perfect solution to all your eyeliner troubles. This highly pigmented, easy-glide creamy texture eyeliner in a pen style format ensures firm grip and offers even application. It’s an eyeliner with a brush tip that can be quite an ease to use to draw fine or thick lines, to create subtle or bold looks, for casual day outings or glamorous night parties. Make this your own and experience makeup like never before.

    Store:  Incolor Shop
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    Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner Black


    Incolor Scandaleyes Gel Eye Liner is an intensely pigmented formula that delivers bold and dramatic eye looks. Its soft gel formula dries down quickly and gives you a controlled, precise application on every use. This eyeliner is also waterproof and lasts for long hours.


    -The highly pigmented INCOLOR Scandaleyes Gel Eyeliner has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

    -Its exceptional waterproof formula is a testament to its staying power.

    -Your eyes will be water- and smudge-resistant for 12 hours straight.

    -Helps achieve bold and dramatic eye makeup looks.

    Store:  Incolor Shop
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    Sketch Pen Eyeliner | Ink Black Eyeliner


    Sketch Pen Eyeliner MARS Ink Black Eyeliner is a Sketch Pen Eyeliner that offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your eye makeup game. With its rich, strong black color, this eyeliner delivers an intense and bold look that leaves a lasting impression. One of the standout features of the MARS Ink Black Eyeliner is…